BELLA 13694 High Power Juice Extractor Reviews

BELLA 13694 High Power Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel

When purchasing a new kitchen appliance, you want a brand that you know and trust. Bella is known for being a well made, high quality brand of kitchen items that are also very affordable. To get the most bang for your buck, this Bella juicer comes with the top features that are included with other higher end juicers. With a two year warranty, you can be sure that your juicer is always going to work. Enjoy your juice cleanse by getting this Bella juicer. The juice comes out smooth and without pulp, but it also is high in the vitamins and minerals that you’re looking for in a homemade juice. If you’re new to the juicing world, or you just want a back up juicer, this is the best and most affordable option out there.

Best Features

Removable Pulp Container – The removable pulp container makes it so that you don’t need to worry about clean up. It is easy to throw out the pulp into your compost pile, and the container is fairly large. Because of the large size, you won’t need to clean out the pulp as often as with other juicers.

Dishwasher Safe Parts – The worst part of juicing is the clean up, but have no fear with this Bella juicer. Since everything is dishwasher safe, it is easy to throw the parts into the dishwasher and have them sparkling clean when they come out.

Non-Skid Feet – On the bottom of this Bella juicer there are non-skid feet. Juicing can make the machine move around a bit, but this Bella juicer won’t have that problem because the feet make it so that it cannot skid.

Micro Mesh Filter – No one wants to chew the leftover pulp in their juice. That is gross, and definitely not what you sign up for with juicers. With this micro mesh filter, almost all of the pulp gets strained out for a smoother juice.

What’s Included

This Bella juicer comes with the juicer and dishwasher safe detachable parts, a removable pulp container, a micro mesh strainer, and a 1 liter jug with a pouring spout.


The added accessories really make this juicer stand out. The strainer is perfect for having a smoother juice with just as many nutrients, and the 1 liter jug is really nice to have on hand. The jug’s splash free lid makes it so that you’ll never spill any of your precious juice on the counter while juicing.


Some have complained that there are too many pieces to take apart. It is a complex machine, so it can take some time to get everything detached from the power unit.

Final Verdict

This Bella juicer is a great and affordable option for anyone who is looking to get into juicing. At under $50, this juicer comes with just as many features as the more expensive juicers available. I highly recommend this juicer.


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