Blender Buyer Checklist

You are looking at two blenders. The price is identical, so which one do you get? If you are going to be serving a family of 5 regularly, jar capacity might be the most important feature to consider. On the other hand, a couple living in a small apartment may be more concerned about how much counter space their blender is going to need.

Different blender features matter to different people. That is why we created the following checklist. These are the blender features you should consider before deciding on one model over another. Print out this checklist and keep it with you, so if you find yourself out and about and see an enticing blender buy, you will know whether or not it makes a smart addition to your kitchen appliance arsenal.

Consider the motor. Most blending and mixing tasks require no more than 400 or 500 watts, unless you know you will need more power.

What is the warranty like? High-end blenders often times deliver a 7 to 10-year warranty. Just make sure you know exactly what is covered by the warranty, especially the motor.

Understand the size, shape and capacity of the blender jar. Does the blender jar have all the features you need, or if you are shopping on price, is it durable and minimally meeting your base requirements?

Know your space requirements. Measure the space you have at home where you will be storing your blender. Write these numbers down and keep them with you. The best bargain blender buy in the world is wasted money if you can’t store the machine where you need to.

How many parts are machine washable? Finding a blender that is entirely machine washable, except of course for the motor, might mean spending a little more money pays off in the long run.

Possible accessories should be accounted for. Whether you buy them now or later, understanding that your machine has accessories for making bread dough, creating soups and cereals, and doing other jobs is something you need to know.

For an immersion blender, insist on at least 200 watts. These are the long, cylindrical, inexpensive blenders you stick into a glass or jar for mixing and blending.

Price should be a major consideration when thinking about buying a personal blender. These compact machines usually only make 1 smoothie or juice drink at a time and are limited in wattage and versatility, so going low on the price is often the best idea.

Some blenders are extremely noisy, others are relatively quiet. Head to YouTube and check out videos of the blenders you’re considering to see exactly how noisy they are.


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