Breville RM-BJE430SIL Juicer Machine Reviews

Breville RM-BJE430SIL Juicer Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

Breville has done it again with a fabulous juicing machine. A brand to be trusted, they created a juicer that performs well and is affordable. This model is a refurbished model, which means that it was sent back to the manufacturer, repaired, gone through a series of tests, and passed them all. What you get is a juicer that has been tested to perform just as well as the original version but at a much cheaper price. Since this juicer is just over $100 instead of almost $200, this refurbished model is a steal. It comes with everything that the original version has like a filter to strain out pulp, a juice container, a powerful motor, and sharp blades. People who want to get serious about juicing need this Breville refurbished model.

Best Features

This juicer comes equipped with a powerful 850 watt motor to keep juicing even if the produce is hard. With the wide feeding chute, there is little prep time required before you can get your juice in your glass. This is nice because it saves you time and effort when you’re juicing. The juicing spout is high up, which means that it can actually fit a full sized glass underneath the spout. This is especially helpful if you want to juice directly into your glass rather than into the designated juice container. The blades get up to 13,000 RPMs, so the wait time for the juice is very little. Unlike some juicers where it takes minutes for the juice to pour out, this takes just seconds. The pulp container is large, so it doesn’t need to be emptied very often. It also comes with the 70 ounce juice container equipped with a splash free lid, so the juice ends up in the jug rather than on the counter.

What’s Included

The refurbished juicer comes with the juicing machine, the removable pulp container, and the 70 ounce juice jug.


Because this item is refurbished, it works just as well as the original, shows no wear and tear, and comes with a six month warranty in case something went wrong. It is very easy to use with the one switch, and the juicer looks just as great as it performs. The clear top is a nice addition so that you can see what is happening while the juice is filtering out. Also, the mesh filter is great for keeping seeds and pulp out of your final end product.


It does leave some juice behind. Most users complain that the pulp is chunky and a bit wet, so it can waste a good amount of produce.

Final Verdict

For a fast juicer that performs well and is easy on the wallet, this Breville juicer really prevails. Getting it refurbished makes it so much more affordable. If you want to get healthy by juicing, this is a great juicer.


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