Gourmia EPJ100 Review

Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer Stainless Steel

If you’re a lover of citrus juice but hate paying the high price, consider getting a citrus juicer of your own. From orange juice to lemonade, the Gourmia citrus juicer makes it easy to juice whatever you need. The design is made perfect for varying citrus fruits and their sizes.

From very small limes to large grapefruits, it can all be done on this juicer thanks to the design of the hand press and the motor combined. It really delivers juice by getting every last drop from your favorite citrus juices. It’s design is sleek and modern, making it perfect to display on your countertops, or put below in the cabinets.

No matter where you put it, this juicer is ready to use whenever you need a glass of high quality juice. Forget about the citrus juice at the store with all the added sugar, make your own so you know that it is healthy and nutritious.

Best Features

Perfect Spout- Don’t worry about all the spills from the powerful stream of juice. The way this juicer is designed makes it perfect to get juice put in any glass or bottle that you need. Juice as little as your favorite cup, or as large as a big pitcher. This juicer can handle it all.

Filter System- The filter system strains out all the pulp and seeds so that your end product of juice is smooth and easy to drink. You never need to worry about pits or seeds being in your glass.

Xtract Juicing System- the patented juicing system on this Gourmia juicer makes it easy to get all the juice out. It has a smart cone design that easily cuts through the smallest and largest citrus fruits.


There are a lot of benefits to making your own citrus juice with this Gourmia juicer. Because of its design, you never need to worry about your juice being chunky or full of seeds. Unlike with hand presses, this powerful machine filters out everything that is not desirable so your end product is delicious.

The spout doesn’t clog, and the design makes it virtually splash proof so you don’t need to worry about your juice landing on the counter instead of in your glass. It is very quiet, and the sound isn’t nearly as loud as the other juicers out there. You can easily juice at night or early in the morning with others sleeping!


This juicer weighs a lot more than expected. It is seven pounds, so it can be hard to lift if you don’t store it on your countertop.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is a great citrus juicer. If you are a lover of all things citrus juice, you need this. It is much better than traditional juicers, and the combination of the hand press and motor makes it so that no drop of juice is left behind.


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