Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor Review

Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor

A glass of nutritious juice should be enjoyed every morning, but that is a dream to many people who don’t have a juicer. If you’ve been wanting a juicer but don’t know where to turn to, look no further than this Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor. This juicer works great, and it is very affordable. Made by Hamilton Beach, it is a well known and innovative brand that creates amazing juice extractors for the modern consumer. Priced at $59, this juicer is far more advanced than the price tag gives it credit for. The simple set up of this juicer adds to its charm, and the powerful motor makes it easy to get whatever juice you need. Compared to other juicers of its kind, this Hamilton Beach juicer extracts 25% more juice overall. The wide mouth is perfect for those who are short on time because it cuts back on the need to slice up the fruits and vegetables being used.


Best Features

The motor has 1.1 horsepower, so it doesn’t shy away from the tough and fibrous produce that other juicers might. It has a large three inch mouth chute so that fruits and vegetables can be fed through there without having to be cut up first. With an extra large removable bin for pulp, you don’t need to start and stop to keep emptying it out. Also, the juicer has a high spout. Many juicers’ spouts are too low, and it causes problems when choosing a container to put the juice in. This juicer has a high spout that isn’t going to interfere with whatever container is being used to get the juice. The spout is also curved, which eliminates splashes from happening.


What’s Included

This juicer comes with a large removable pulp container, a recipe book, and a smaller juice container to catch the juice.


The clean up on this juicer is very easy. Everything is dishwasher safe and can be put into the dishwasher without any problems. The recipe book comes with some unique and delicious recipes that can be tried out. This juicer is perfect for those who are just beginning on their juicer journey because there isn’t anything but one switch that goes to on and off. The pulp is fairly dry for a budget juicer, and the juice comes out smooth with not a lot of foam.



Some users mentioned that it is frustrating that the different juices don’t mix before coming out. If you are preparing juice in bulk, that means you need to make all the separate juices from fruits and vegetables and then mix them yourself in a large container.


Final Verdict

This juicer does exactly what it promises. It performs very well, and it does a good job for being under $75. If you’re new to juicing, Hamilton Beach has you covered. Much like the rest of their products, this juicer is high quality.




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