Know the Best Time to Drink Your Smoothie


Smoothies are the great stuff to have especially when you are on a weight loss diet. The very common question that we come across when it comes to a smoothie is “when is the best time of the day to have greens smoothies?” But, the fact is, the best time to have a smoothie depends on the type of ingredients go into it. For example, you can have a smoothie made using vegetables and fresh vegetables if you wish to skip a sit-down meal or drink a vegetable smoothie as a healthy alternative to snacks.

Post or Pre-workout

Before or after working out is the best time to have a smoothie. Go for the post and pre-workout smoothies to amplify your workout game with a super-food blend.

In the morning

Higher carbohydrate smoothies are the best early smoothies. These early smoothies function as quick energy for the body, and you’ll have all day to burn off. By adding protein and healthy fat to this smoothie helps to make that energy last more evenly and long-term. Morning is the great time to create smoothies that includes fruit, nuts or seeds, or even some antioxidant-rich ingredients largely to round out the nutrition.

For Lunch

Smoothies are the healthy meal replacement with lower calories and higher nutrition. The smoothies you choose for the lunch time should be balanced in terms of macro and micronutrients. It should include a handful of baby spinach, romaine or other greens with complex carbohydrates healthy fats and protein.

As a Snack

Satisfying your hunger pangs with a smoothie is a good move as it fulfills your need for minerals and amino acids. Creamy smoothies made with nuts or seeds are the ideal option for snack alternatives.

You can also use greens smoothies recipes to make a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth in a gluten-free way. No matter whenever you choose to drink a smoothie, a super-food smoothie is always a great choice!

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